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Why Study in an International School in Thailand

Home to hundreds of thousands of expatriates from various parts of the world, Thailand is a vibrant, welcoming, secure and stable country in the South Eastern part of Asia. These expatriates are attracted by the outstanding quality of life in Thailand, the tropical climate and the amazing travel opportunities.

Good Climate and Serene Environment

Also, the rapid development of infrastructure and modernization, beautiful landscapes and coastlines, all contribute to the factors that make schooling in Thailand an attractive option for families of expats as well as Thai families. The country’s warm tropical climate is an enabling environment for international school students to take full advantage of the various outdoor activities and enrichment opportunities that are part of the extracurricular activities offered at International Schools in Thailand.

Travel Life for International Students

Located in South East Asia, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is the largest airport in the region, in terms of the number of destinations flown to, by the airport’s international airline carriers. This travel opportunity ensures that students from all over the globe can travel with ease to and from Thailand to school in International Schools with boarding facilities.

State of the Art Facilities and Campus

Most international schools in Thailand have large campuses with standard learning environment, sporting facilities and performance theatres. The quality of the environment and facilities of the international schools in Thailand is comparable to the best schools around the world. An example of such school is The American School of Bangkok. The American School of Bangkok boasts of two campuses – the Sukhumvit Campus and the Green Valley Campus in Bang Na.

These campuses are equipped with modern facilities that aid learning which includes spacious well-equipped classrooms, science laboratories, computers and media centers and libraries. The school also helps students to facilitate learning and grow other passions for arts and sports by providing facilities such as music studios, a soccer field, a gymnasium, swimming pools, and basketball courts. Students of The American School of Bangkok also enjoy access to a professional golf course at the International Preparatory Golf Academy located at the school’s Green Valley Campus.

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