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CE Database Project

Welcome to Chemicall Equation Database Project!

We are constructing a chemical equation database which can help people find chemical equations more effectively. So we encourage you to share your chemical equations data with others and your name will be listed in our contributors list. We'll examine and organize the new received equations, add them to our database and release it to all users for free. Interesting? It's easy to join!

1. When you balanced a chemical equation, please click the 'search' tab, then the 'libary maintainance' tab,then click the 'next' button, you'll find the equation you just balanced appears in the edit box.OK, now click the 'Add to lib' button. The equation'll be added to your own database.

2.All equations are actually saved in a file named 'cbd.dat' located in the Chemical Equation Expert directory. So the next thing you should do is email the 'cbd.dat' file to us at support@educationsoft.net to us. You needn't email the file to us each time, just do when you think there are enough new equations have been added.

Thanks to following contributors:

Dorothy Kirk
Patrick Carmichael
Cyndi Hurst
Stephen Maxfield
Tracy Moomey
T D Biddington
Satit Viboonphanich
Kevin Downey
John Robert Burley
martin beard
philipp zehrer
Matthew Niebaum
edward j wesley
Neil McFarlane
Dr Gerard P Wood
Alberto Viceconti
Michael McCarville
Raymond Van Gaever
pat cook
jack jaradeh
Neroli Lorna Swiec
Stephen Wirkerman
Mr Lee Holt
n de pooter
wayne smith
Chris Walmesley
Jesse James Roberts