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Online Manual

Interactive Turtorial
The interactive turtorials have been included in the demo, please click the 'examples' button, the program will show you how to balance,search equations and do calculations.

Input Rules

(1) Proper capitalization is necessary for symbols of elements.
Elements can be virtual, which makes this software more flexible. 
Example: AbCdEf. The program will consider the chemical 
AbCdEf consists of three kinds of elements, they are Ab, Cd, Ef.

(2) Parentheses ( ) is used in any hierarchy.
Example: Fe(SCN)3,Ca(OH)2.

(3) Square bracket [ ] is used to specify charges. Charges are 
entered with the sign first followed by the numerical value. But 
if the numerical value is 1, it must be left out.
Thus (CO3)[2-], H[+] are legal; (CO3)[-2],CO3-2,H[1+] are not.

(4) Waters of hydration or other molecules of solvation or even 
double salts may be entered using the start (*) .
Example: CuSO4*5H2O


Why I can't balance some equations with this program?
When you can't balance one equation, it's the most possible that you didn't input the reactants or products correctly, so please check your inputs carefully. Also look at this example: Mg[2+]+O2 => MgO[+]. Such equations actually don't exist, so they can't be balanced either by a computer or by yourself.