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What to Look for in International Schools in Thailand

It is essential to scrutinise each option you have before taking your kid to a particular school. The first resort is usually the internet, where you can find information like fees, programs offered, opening and closing dates, etc.  Although this seems convenient, it can provide inadequate and sometimes inaccurate information.


The best way to know about an international school is by making an in-person visit. However, this can be impossible of the school is overseas. In such a scenario, you can place a video call or do a virtual tour of the institution.


According to Education Soft, here are the factors you need to consider before enrolling in an international school in Thailand.


Type of Curriculum Offered


Knowing the type of curriculum used by a school is essential since it impacts on the quality of education. It is wise to go for an institution that uses a universal curriculum to ease the transition to other countries if the need arises.


Besides the teaching methods, ask for the techniques used in evaluating students. Tests are crucial in determining if scholars are grasping the knowledge imparted on them by teachers. Avoid schools that are not straightforward about the methods used to test students.




Like other educational institutions, your preferred international school should have accreditation from a recognized body. This is an indicator that it meets the required standards. If the administration can't provide accreditation documents, it would be best if you crossed it off your list.




The quality of infrastructure in a school correlates with the quality of education it offers. An ill-equipped school is unlikely to outperform one with adequate resources. Ensure that your choice has excellent facilities before applying for admission.


Teaching Staff


Lastly, ask for the credentials of the teaching staff before enrolling your kid in a particular school. Ideally, they should have relevant certificates and years worth of experience.




The factors mentioned above can help you choose the right international school. Besides these, consult with friends or ask existing students about their experience in the learning institution. Then, compare the responses with your preferences and decide.

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