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The Pros of International Schools in Bangkok

There are many choices for international schools in Bangkok and most of them are a good choice as long as you chose what is right for you.  Although they are not perfect these schools provide young students with a plethora of opportunities however.  Students here will typically leave with a high level education and be afforded the chance to pick a nice college or university in most places around the world.   Students at international schools in Bangkok are treated to top notch facilities and a good percentage of quality teachers.   They have Arts and Drama programs at these schools that are at least close to par with top schools in the United States.  They also field teams of most sports minus a few like ice hockey and American football. 

The international schools in Bangkok provide a community for students and parents alike, with many living just off campus, although some expat parents may not adjust to this well and opt to live a bit further off campus for a breather from school life.  There is also the gossip factor, and if you get a reputation of being “difficult” the word will be passed on to other schools and may affect a student’s enrollment status while possibly thwarting a move to another international school in Bangkok. 

All in all international schools in Bangkok are a nice place for any student to get their education.  It just may take some getting used to and adjustment especially for a parent and or student new to Thailand.  It will prove beneficial if you take your time inserting yourself into the way of life there.  You don’t have to shy away but simply go at a slow and steady pace, while keeping eyes and ears open learning the customs and ways of doing things.  Parents and students will find they have a much more valuable and enriching experience. 

Choose wisely and make sure you are comfortable wherever you decide to go.  Rest assured students will be able to get the most out of what they put in at the international schools in Bangkok.

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