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Why Tuition Fees in Thai International Schools Are Significantly Higher

At the start of every academic year, when parents are hunting for the best-performing schools for their kids, one factor they inherently ask is how the institution fared during the previous exams. Well, it’s understandable given that we all aspire for the best. 

But upon learning that some schools not only register stellar results, but also witness 100% transition to college and university, everyone inevitably jostles for a spot in the school. In Thailand, international schools are reigning supreme, consistently producing high-achieving kids, who some even get a spot at the finest universities abroad. 

With such impressive results, comes the part that’s often untold – huge sacrifices and the dedication from every stakeholder. Teachers and trainers undoubtedly give their absolute 100%, while kids strive not to fail. Parents too, pay the high price without hesitation. 

The cost of international school fees rising in Thailand
It’s not easy to tell the most expensive international school in Thailand, although it definitely is a Tier 1 school. But considering that in some of these institutions, tuition fees go to as high as over 700,000 Baht per year, many often ask why one would comfortably pay such a ridiculous amount. 

The cheapest international school in Thailand charges a little more than THB 150,000, which is reasonable. But the entire cost one pays a year is far more than that, especially if it’s a profit-making school. 

At an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, the cost is even higher since IB stresses on a bigger teacher-to-student ratio. American and British syllabuses also make the school somewhat expensive. Other foreign curricula, especially Indian curricula (CBSE and ICSE), tend to be the cheapest because they are generally less resource-intensive. 

Of course, tuition fees also vary according to the type of school the kid goes to. If it’s a new international school in Thailand or one of the many state-of-the-art schools whose campuses and amenities are astounding, fees understandably are higher. Ideally, what drives the eventual amount higher is how big the institution is plus the presence of such other features like swimming pools, ultra-modern art centers, and world-class STEAM facilities. 

But Thailand is significantly affordable

When looking for a school, some of the expenses you must meet include paying the application and enrolment fees, joining the parents’ association and meeting the exam and school lunch fees. On top of that, there are some refundable and non-refundable mandatory charges they levy – uniforms, school trips, activity fee, and graduation fees. 

In the end, all these expenses automatically drive the total cost higher and make international schools a bit expensive. But you can still find an affordable international school in Thailand. Mostly, those with smaller campuses and just about the basics don’t charge an arm and a leg. 
If you need to enroll your little one in a cheaper school, go for an NGO-run, Christian international school. But remember, Bangkok, unlike lots of other cities, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, is significantly affordable.

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