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International School Bang Na: Getting the Best Budget-Friendly International School in Bangkok


When hunting for an international school for your little one, the most expensive ones always aren’t necessarily the best. Mostly, those charging as much as 500K Baht to 1.2M Baht per student a year never justify such colossal fees with top grades. 

Ideally, the best performing institutions in the country aren’t those that charge a premium figure. Neither is it those whose campuses feature the finest, ultra-modern facilities that money can buy. Instead, great international schools in Thailand today are those that offer good quality education, have reputable teachers and enjoy a reputation for treating kids well. 

How to get the best affordable international schools in Bangkok
And so, when choosing a good international school in Bang Na or just about anywhere in Bangkok, you are highly advised to firstly go for the level and quality of education. The best budget-friendly international schools aren’t hard to find, especially with a reasonable budget.
Consider following the following guidelines:

•    Ask around – reviews and referrals are gold!
If you are a local, an expat or a foreign retiree looking to give your little ones the best education in Thailand, but can’t choose an affordable, start your search by asking around. Reviews from your neighbors, colleagues or even those strangers on social media could be of great help. The internet’s multiple forums on the same also offer a great starting point. 

•    Know the kind of school you want
This essentially entails having a firsthand understanding of what your ideal school should be – private, NGO-run, Tier 2 and so forth. If it’s an international school in Bang Na, look for one which offers the curriculum you want plus the extras. Other aspects to consider include school type, its accrediting body, its grade, the number of students per class and maybe the distance from your residence. 

•    Stick to your budget, but be a little flexible
Just because you are hunting for school charging 400K, but can’t find one, doesn’t mean that next door 500K school is a No. If it’s a great institution and costs a little more, just go for it. You should, however, give in when you’ve checked the whole neighborhood and found it to be the next best alternative. 

•    Go beyond the obvious!
Many of the Thai international schools offer diverse programs on the side. And so, apart from choosing an institution where kids excel academically, also consider what the kid can benefit by being a pupil in there. If they offer scholarships or discounts of some kind or run any incentive programs, give them a shot!

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