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Fun Mindfulness Training Games for Kids and Teens

Mindfulness training has been one of the trending topics lately. Everyone, including those who don't practice mindfulness, is convinced that mindfulness is a powerful way to overcome all life's challenges. As a parent, you are probably wondering how to introduce your teens or kids to mindfulness training. Well, worry no more.

The experts at Education Soft have compiled top mindfulness training games for kids and teens.

Square Breath One fun activity you can use to teach your kids mindfulness is square breath. This game is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. All you have to do is ask your toddler to breathe four times. Then ask them to hold their breath for four seconds before breathing out. Take a four seconds break before the next cycle. You can also encourage your child to use their fingers to keep track of their breath.

Heartbeat Exercises Exercise heartbeat is another fun activity parents can use to teach their children mindfulness. Simply ask your children to breathe in and focus on their heartbeat. Although it seems simple, the heartbeat exercise can help your children become more aware of their surroundings and bodies.

Five Sense Exercises Mindfulness empowers us to focus on our bodies and our surroundings. That means we must use all our senses to be mindful of our surroundings. The five senses exercise is a simple activity that can teach your children how to use their senses to be aware. You have to ask them to focus their thoughts and energy on a specific item. Ask them to describe what they see, hear, feel, and smell. If possible, you can even ask them to taste the object.

The Present Moment The present moment is a worksheet that can teach your children how to be mindful of their thoughts and their surrounding. The worksheet contains five sections, including right now I see, right now I smell, right now I hear, right now I feel, and right now I am touching. Ask your children to fill out the worksheet to encourage mindfulness.

Final Thoughts Encourage your children or teenagers to practice these games daily to stimulate mindfulness.

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